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At the National University of Rwanda’s Faculty of Medicine, our vision as a medical educational institution in Rwanda is to become a center of excellence and radiance in teaching, medical research and community service suitable for the health improvement for the population of Rwanda and the region.We seek to:

1.To provide medical education programs for all medical and allied professions in Rwanda.

2.To provide improved medical patient care under good educational programs with a mind to satisfy patient needs’

3.Conduct research relevant to Rwanda in all disciplines and develop medical applied knowledge.

4.Indulge in community services through approaches that involve other professions and the citizens.

We train students in different medical disciplines as we try to serve the world around us better. The General Medicine degree in 6 years long. After completion of the six years program graduands must spend one more year of internship before registration as as general practitioners. Pharmacy is 5 years and Clinical Psychology 4 years long.

The Faculty of Medicine also runs a number of postgraduate programs at MMed and Msc. Master of Medicine specialties include: Master’s of Medicine in Internal Medicine, Master’s of Medicine in Surgery, Master’s of Medicine in Pediatrics, Master’s of Medicine in Obstetrics and gynecology, Master’s of Medicine in Anesthesiology, Master’s of Medicine in Family Medicine and community Health and Master’s of Medicine in Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and neck Surgery.

Master of Science programs include: Clinical Psychology and soon to be launched - Pharmaceutical Sciences

The department of Clinical Psychology was created in 1998 as a response to the big problem of trauma encountered by the people of Rwanda and others from the great lake region and east African countries, which have experienced various psychosocial problems including wars, massacres and genocide. For that purpose, the department organizes undergraduate (day and evening program) and postgraduate program.

Prof.Patrick KYAMANYWA

Acting Dean of Faculty

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